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Our mission is to provide solutions for patient to find their voice back by bringing cutting-edge sound and voice technology to the healthcare industry. Known for its hierarchical system, innovations in the healthcare industry are relative low compared with consumer products. We see the gap and the opportunity to close it with our own domain knowledge.

We believe patients deserve more high-end technology applied to help with their disabilities.


Vobud (TS-002)

Digital Non-invasive Re-vocalizing System

Vobud is a hands-free revocalizing system to help people talk by detecting the change of the vocal track (CoVT) via a novel technology. Patients can use this without going through a horrible operation (like a Tracheal-Esophageal Prosthesis implant), and their hands wouldn't be occupied (as would by an electrolarynx).

With digital signal analysis and AI-enabled audio synthesis technology, we aim to recover patients' voice just like when they were healthy. This technology could be applied to various types of patients, such as laryngectomees, tracheostomees, aphasia or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients.

Music Tunnel (TS-001)

Responsive Interface For Singing and Voice Rehabilitation

We empower patients to train and rehabilitate their singing voice by visualizing their the spectrum, which provides real-time feedback to their voice quality in a virtual reality environment.

Through this interface, we create a more efficient communication tool between the patients and their speech-language pathologists (SLPs) and doctors.

About Us


Head and Neck Surgeon (Otolaryngologist)

As a visiting staff (VS) doctor at Department Otolaryngology, National Cheng Gong University, Taiwan, Suwei keeps devoting his expert and domain knowledge with his merciful heart to help patients recover from the disease from different perspectives.

Suwei is also a visiting scholar at School of Medicine, Stanford University. Immersed by the entrepreneur spirit at Stanford, he decided to start a revolution in the field of otolaryngology by introducing the cutting-edged technology to the conservative medical field.


Audio Software Engineer (Sound Synthesis Expert)

As a physics and CS-majored PhD, Yero devotes his life to move the sound signal between the digital and the analogue world. In addition to collect the real sound to the virtual world, he is especially interested in creating the virtual sound in the real world. He is the one to design and create almost all magic in our system.

He is also an indie-movie fan, by the way.


Biomedical Engineer (FDA-approved Product Developer)

Sonia identifies herself as a singer although she happened to obtain a biomedical/material engineering PhD with 8 SCI publications and get involved to the development of several pharmaceutical and combination products to be submitted to US-FDA.

Passionating to all science and technologies related to singing voice, she puts her empathy to those patients and decides to devote herself to make the products that she might need in the future.

She was also a visiting scholar at Stanford Universty in 2016.

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